Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pear Pie at the Farmer's Market

With the crisp air finally feeling like fall, it was the perfect time to visit some farmer's markets near our house. At the first one, I bought collard greens. Since I've never made these before, I asked the seller's advice on how to cook them. She gave me two ideas: 1) cut them up and saute with olive oil and some chicken stock, similar to how I cook spinach 2) boil them in water or chicken stock until they can't take it anymore (the way her mother and colleague at the farmer's market does it). If anyone has a favorite recipe of technique for collard greens, I'd love to see it. [Update 11/8/10: I didn't realized that I needed to refrigerate the collard greens, so they died before I could try them out with a recipe!]

The seller's mother gave us 4 light blue eggs free for my 3-year-old son. She said her grandson loves the colored eggs, so she got a hen that lays light blue eggs. Can't wait to try them. A tip she gave me: fresh eggs don't peel easily if you boil them. [Update 11/8/10: I ended up making scrambled eggs.]

At the market, I also bought a fresh pear pie. It's a tiny pie, just right for snacking or dessert. My son and I have shared most of it. I've never had a pear pie, but it was so good. Similar to apple, but with more bite.

We also visited a farmer's market closer to our house hosted by a small church. They were having a harvest party along with the market. I bought a handmade Get Well card that a young woman named Elexa created ( She produces the cards as part of her art therapy treatment. I had to buy it. Not only is it totally cute, I love the idea of her art helping ease the darkness of depression.

Now, I think I need some more pie!